Our Industry Solutions

There are limitless possibilities for how SonoBeacon technology can be used. See for yourself.

A selection of potential solutions


When customers are in your store, send context-sensitive offers and convert them to online shoppers via SonoShelf!


Make your city interactive by showing additional information at important places throughout the city.


Guide the visitors of your football game or concert dynamically to the less frequented entrances.


Greet your guests with the daily special or start a digital order and checkout process.


Audio-guides were yesterday. At each point in the exhibition, your visitors get the relevant information on their own mobile device.

Theme Parks & Zoos

The smart guide for zoos or theme parks by enabling smart information at all the interesting places.


With SonoBeacon you are able to localize your mobile x-ray unit and optimize your processes. 



No charge will be lost. Your logistics teams is able to get the right information to the charge at hand.

Cinema & Theatre

Precise ads and information about upcoming movies and stage plays at the most important points in your (movie) theatre.

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