The Universal Solution for Your Beacon Strategy

How SonoBeacon works

  • SonoBeacon sends a high-frequency, digital, inaudible acoustic signal
  • The signal is watermarked
  • Smartphones recognize the watermark using the microphone and an app
  • Information, content related to the surrounding context, is displayed on the smartphone
  • Numerous applications are possible, e.g. in retail: focused, personalized marketing with minimal loss from scatter

The advantages of SonoBeacon

  • Reach more users than with GPS or Bluetooth – these functions are deactivated on over 50% of smartphones
  • The solution can’t be manipulated by third parties – developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology
  • The connection is significantly more stable than Bluetooth – the microphone works in any environment
  • SonoBeacon costs less than the conventional Bluetooth beacon
  • Not connected to tech giants like Google and Apple – who are increasingly encroaching on the proximity business

What needs to be done?

You can easily enhance your existing app or we provide you with our app…

…we equip your location with enough SonoBeacons…

…and we provide a tool to manage your SonoBeacon.

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