Our Technology

Thanks to our patent-pending technology, audio-based beacons have finally become a reality.

The key to our SoundBeacon is audio watermarking.

  • The SonoBeacon technology uses audio frequencies (20 to 22 kHz) in which the information is modulized. The audio signal is inaudible for the human ear.
  • The transmission of the watermarked signal is done via a conventional speaker.
  • A microphone is receiving the audio signal and detects the watermark.
  • The detection of the signal is executed within a single device i.e. a smartphone. An internet connection is only necessary for requesting the content that need to be displayed.
  • Based on the configuration, further actions can be triggered (i.e. the transmission of a shopping cart, context-sensitive content, coupons etc.)

Step 1: Create signal

The SonoBeacon technology generates ...


... an audio file with a watermark.

Step 2: Detect signal and trigger action

A SonoBeacon enabled app or website ...


... detects the watermark and triggers a configured action.

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