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Motion-Data-Intelligence Pyramid

Our consulting and implementation model identifies untapped potential and operational activity fields. In analogy to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we interpret our customers‘ as well as their respective target customers‚ organizational and business needs and compare them with the respective operational status.

This creates the strategic foundation for elevating our customers’ potential to the highest possible level by intelligently utilizing human movement data.

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Product portfolio and MDI modules

Our modularly structured product portfolio offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that complement our SENSE – DESIGN – ACT process. Various customers from public transit, tourism and retail are already relying on the impact of human movement data onto their business.

The individual composition of the individual product modules allows us to offer attuned product and processing solutions from B2B data to B2C data up to our full-service package.

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Motion Data

Sensor for detecting mobile devices

Audio- and Bluetooth-Tagging-Devices


Data Processing

Business intelligence for aggregating and clustering, analyzing and visualizing all data

Interfaces to other IT solutions

AI-based prediction


Intelligence Activity

Strategic consulting

Audio Tagging Software

App development kit for integrating the Sono-Tech into any Carrier APP’s