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The Universal Solution for your Beacon Strategy

How SonoBeacon works

  • Our battery powered SonoBeacon – with its low-energy design – emits an inaudible acoustic identifier (digital signal in ultrasound).
  • The Smartphone recognizes the signal using an app and the integrated microphone.
  • That’s how information, such as context-sensitive content, is displayed on the smartphone and triggers interactions.
  • This makes numerous applications possible.

The accuracy in localization is the critical factor for success

Only SonoBeacons

  • are able to localize in close range,
  • allow for an automated and personalized communication,
  • provoke the intended user interaction!

Can’t be manipulated by third parties – developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology.

Micro-localization and automated messages are the future of mobile commerce and the mobile lifestyle!

Numerous Use Cases for SonoBeacon

SonoBeacon technology turns your smartphone into your own personal source of information and shopping solution:

  • When new cars speak to you in the showroom…
  • When Mona Lisa guides you through the Louvre in her own voice…
  • When you order and pay for your food in a restaurant with your smartphone…
  • When tracking the material flow works without electromagnetic interference…

… then our customers are using sonobeacon.

What needs to be done?

You can easily enhance your existing app or we provide you with our app…

…we equip your location with enough SonoBeacons…

…and we provide a tool to manage your sonobeacon.

Interested? Get in touch with us!