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In-Store Online Shopping

Combine the best of both worlds to create a unique shopping experience

With Sonoshelf, ulti-channel retail becomes a reality – simple and secure

  • In retail shops, consumers find one or more terminals – called sonoshelves – where they can order any available product online, regardless of where it is stored: at the warehouse, another location, or at the manufacturer. Really? YES!
  • But what if the customers don’t want to enter their personal data into a public terminal? They don’t have to! 
  • Using our sono-technology, the digital shopping cart is transferred to the customer’s smartphone. After that, the payment process is initiated and completed. How? Just like at home!

With sonoshelf you turn your business into an online shop as well

You install sonoshelf and

  • You don’t need to have everything in all sizes and colors in stock
  • You multiply the range that you offer your customers
  • You gain more freedom to design your shop interior creatively 

The clear advantages of ONLINE:

  • Wider range
  • Younger customers
  • Strong growth
  • Dynamic pricing 

    SonoShelf + customer smartphone = in-store online shop

    What is a sonoshelf?

    • Hardware: Computer with touchscreen
    • Software: Webshop adapted to sonoshelf in order to present selected products or the whole range

    The actual payment processes are carried out on the customer’s trusted and secure smartphone.

    Creating a viable future for retail stores!

    Significant additional revenue stream:

    • Complete range available in every store
    • Despite radical reduction of circulating assets
    • Hardly any returned items

    Uncluttered store: “Less is more!”

    Positive outlook thanks to younger target groups

    Multi-Channel becomes a reality!

    Unique shopping experience for your customers!


    How does it work?

    The Web shop on SonoShelf generates an inaudible audio file with watermarks ...


    ... and plays the file.

    The app recognizes the audio watermark, ...

    ... requests the shopping cart data and starts the checkout process.

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