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Safety & Warning

Your Challenge:
Reliable interpretation of sirens by your citizens or staff.

Your Needs:
Sirens that not only warn, but also inform and instruct action at the same time.

Our Solution:
SonoTagger & SonoScanner.

We offer infrastructure-independent communication with real-time data transmission as well as communication backup in case of internet and mobile network failure in disaster situations. Furthermore, simple and effective solutions for the inclusion of all in our society.
We integrate our SonoTags into siren signals. The microphones of mobile devices in combination with our SonoScanner recognise the SonoTags and provide citizens and staff with clear information on the current hazard situation and concrete instructions for action in the event of a disaster.

Your Benefit:
Significantly improve disaster communication and protect your citizens and staff. Actively guide citizens and staff. Easy implementation of our technology into existing siren warning systems.